«Room for Doubt» by Ben Young

Room for Doubt - Natacha Ramos

«Room for Doubt: How Uncertainty Can Deepen Your Faith» by Ben Young
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Pages: 240.
Published: September 1st 2017 by David C. Cook.
Genre: Christian, nonfiction.
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The author has struggled with doubts a great part of his live. In this book, he explains the nature of the problem and shares practical wisdom anyone can apply to deal with them.separador-2MY REVIEW

I think I can’t find the right words to express how amazing this book is.

Sometimes, I just had to stop and breathe as I processed the way it was impacting me.

In this book, Ben Young is not a pastor or a leader or a mentor, he’s a friend you can trust, somebody that went through the same despair many of us have faced while dealing with doubts and say: “I can’t offer you a way out, but I can walk through this valley with you.” It’s a safe place for us to be who we are, doubts and all.

Of course, it’s always painful to read this kind of things, because it’s a reality we would like deny. Nobody wants to write or read about doubts, because, by doing so, we acknowledge something that is uncomfortable and unsettling. However, I’m glad this author found the courage to do it, because I needed his honesty so much.

Even though the author was real and very sincere about his own battles, he didn’t give me the impression of being defeated by them. On the contrary, it seems he understands better than ever the nature of his struggles and he’s teaching others that it is OK not to have answers for everything.

Doubts don’t disqualify you for Christian service, and they don’t mean you’re not following Christ at the best of your ability. They might be present in your journey and sometimes they’ll scream louder than your beliefs, but frequently those are the very tools God uses to develop our faith and make it more real.

I’m thankful beyond words for every quote, story, and insight I read these past few days. I didn’t rush. I took the time to let every word sink in. It was powerful, beautiful, and everything else a brilliant book should be. One of the best I’ve read on this topic.

Natacha Ramos

**I received a copy of this book from David C Cook in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own**separador-2FAVORITE QUOTES

+ «God is not taken aback by the questions you have.»

+ «Remember the goal here is not ‘doubt-free living’ but trusting God in the moment when you don’t have all the answers.»

+ «Start where you are, not where you think you should be or where you want to be, but honestly where you are at this moment.» separador-2ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Ben Young - Natacha Ramos

Ben Young is a writer and pastor at Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. 
Dr. Young was born and raised in the Carolinas before moving to Texas in 1978. Educated at Baylor University, Southwestern Theological Seminary, and Bethel Theological Seminary in San Diego, he currently teaches homiletics, apologetics, and practical theology at Houston Theological Seminary. Ben enjoys surfing and practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu.

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