«Troubled Waters» by Susan May Warren

Troubled Waters - Natacha Ramos

«Troubled Waters» by Susan May Warren
Star - Mi Baile PerfectoStar - Mi Baile PerfectoStar - Mi Baile Perfecto

Pages: 352.
Expected Publication: January 2nd 2018 by Fleming H. Revell Company.
Genre: christian, romance, contemporary.
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Spoiler Alert!
Your heart will go on.

Billionaire Ian Shaw and his former assistant Sierra Rose have more than one unresolved issue from the past to address, but they’ve refused to do so for a while. 

Now they have to work together on a fundraising junket if there’s any chance for the PEAK Rescue team to get a new chopper and maintain their operations. Could this 3-day trip on Ian’s yatch help them find the money they need and their way back together? Or will this journey pull them even further apart?separador-2MY REVIEW


As soon as I noticed that “Troubled Waters” was available, I knew I HAD TO read it. It’s been the most anticipated book for me since the beginning of this series, thanks to “If Ever I Would Leave You,” of course.

Ian and Sierra had so much history. They truly deserved a book focused on them.

I do believe that they complicated everything unnecessarily in previous books, but I think that’s what we do when there are unresolved issues in our hearts.

I identified so much with Sierra and Ian at different aspects of their personalities. I could easily relate with some of their struggles and thinking patterns.

The story was good. I especially enjoyed learning more about Ian. He’s always been so perfect and put together, but this book showed him in a more profound and vulnerable way. He was my favorite.

I liked Sierra, too, but I guess I couldn’t connect with her that much, even though we have more than one thing in common.

One day, I’d like to own a yacht just to name it “Montana Rose.” The name was so fitting. However, I didn’t like very much that “inconvenient situation” that encouraged our main characters to have the conversations they needed to have long time ago. It seemed a bit forced to me, but, that’s a matter of opinion, I guess.

As always, dialogues were great, and I could actually see myself on board, because the author made me part of the journey.

It was also great to catch up with Pete and Jess. I seriously believe their book should be next, but I know that won’t happen. So, we’ll have to wait to see how things work for them at the end.

**I received a copy of this book from Fleming H. Revell Company through Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own**separador-2FAVORITE QUOTES

+ «He never went down without a fight.»

+ «- ‘I don’t have what you have. I don’t have faith.’
– ‘But I do. And I’ll hold on to you until your faith shows up'».

+ «It’s never a bad thing to have only God to turn to.»separador-2IAN SHAW & SIERRA ROSE

According to Susan May Warren, these actors would play Ian & Sierra. What do you say?



Susan May WarrenSusan May Warren is the bestselling, Christy and RITA Award winning author of more than forty novels whose compelling plots and unforgettable characters have won acclaim with readers and reviewers alike.

She served with her husband and four children as a missionary in Russia for eight years before she and her family returned home to the States. She now writes full-time as her husband runs a resort on Lake Superior in northern Minnesota, where many of he books are set.




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