«Unashamed» by Christine Caine


«Unashamed» by Christine Caine
Pages: 224
Published: May 10th by Zondervan
Genre: Christian, nonfiction, inspirational
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Do you struggle with shame? Yeah, we all do! In this book, Christine Caine shares her own fight against this terrible enemy of our destiny,  and how she found victory in Jesus.separador-2MY REVIEW

What a good writer!

Christine Caine is so good with words. She’s truly gifted for putting ideas and feelings on a book.

I had never read a book that brought shame into the light like this one. I felt very identified with her and her journey. I realized a lot my perfectionism is actually rooted in shame.

She so perfectly described the problem and its implications. She even opened her heart for us to see her own battle with shame, and how the Lord healed her.

I was amazed when she shared that she felt inferior for a long time because she was a woman. I thought that was not an issue anymore, but I was wrong. There are still some cultures that believe women are not as important/smart/talented as men. Honestly, I don’t like how some feminist movements are dealing with this, but Christine did an awesome job at this.

From now on, when I hear about women being treated as the «weak gender», I’ll take it more seriously. Thank God I’ve never felt that way, but there are parts of the world where this is real! Maybe in my country that’s real too, but I haven’t noticed it yet.

The other thing I learned in this book is that we’re all a work in process. Therefore, we can share what God’s done with us, even if we haven’t arrived to the place we’re supposed to be.

It’s a good book. Very helpful and honest. I can see a bit of Joyce Meyer in some chapters, which I think is great because she’s also a great influence in my life. 

There is enough description about the problem, and yes, there are practical tips to fight against it, but I left the book with the feeling that more than anything else, God will guide the way to our freedom, we just have to come before Him, admit our struggle and let Him do the rest.

*I received a copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own*separador-2FAVORITE QUOTES

+ «Shame loves silence. It grows in secret».

+ «We have all been affected. But we can all be free».

+ «You cannot possess the promises of a God you do not trust»separador-2ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Chris_3Christine Caine is a recognized teacher, preacher, author, and activist. As a founder of The A21 Campaign, Christine leads one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world dedicated to rescuing victims of human trafficking in twelve countries. Additionally, through her personal ministry, Christine shares messages of hope, encouragement, and freedom in churches across the globe and frequently addresses leaders of some of the world’s largest organizations. Christine and her husband, Nick, spend their time in both Sydney, Australia, and the United States, and they adore their daughters Catie and Sophie.



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