Interview with Christine D’Clario

Interviewing Christine
Interviewing Christine

Last week I had the priviledge of interviewing the famous whorshipper Christine D’Clario during her soundcheck for the evangelistic event «Primicias 2015» at Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Both she and her husband, Carlos Caban, were very nice to me!

Just for a moment I forgot they belonged to an international ministry because they treated me as a friend.

Here’s what she said, take a look:

1. Natacha: Christine, every time you share your testimony, you mention a very quirky lady who gave you a prophetic word from the Lord and your life changed from that day on. Have you ever seen that woman again?

Christine: No, I haven’t. I have never seen her again. I saw her when she arrived at the restaurant, she gave me the word; then, without even eating, she got in a white car and left. I never saw her again.


I think she was an angel sent by God.


It could be. I don’t discard it. It’s biblical and she came to destroy all my mindsets and brought to my life a complete revolution in my thinking and spirituality that changed me forever.

— If this woman was not an angel, there are two possibilities. 


A) This lady is so humble she does not want to bring attention over herself. If that’s the case, I admire her so much.

B) For some reason, she doesn’t remember giving a word to Christine.

— Lady, if you’re reading this, would you give me an interview?

2. N: When you are about to begin a new project, do you feel the pressure of having to do something as successful as it was the previous one?

Montaña Rusa
About to begin a new project for God

C: Absolutely. I always feel this little fear you have when you’re going up in a roller coaster and then suddenly it’s let down. 

The Lord has always amazed me with each project and He’s exceeded all of our expectations; but He’s so good that when we stop to think «how are we going to go better than this?», the next project comes and exceeds it all. 

This is just for showing us Jesuschrist is on this. He, who does more abundantly than what we could ever imagine or want, is the one handling everything in my projects. Whenever I’m completely dependent on Him, He’ll surprise me.

I always do my part and I’m diligent in doing what I can with all the Lord gave me, because my job is to be a good administrator of His gifts, but I let Him put the life on it.

— I really like how she sees her ministry as teamwork. Christine D’ Clario involves way more than just a person, right? But we don’t see it often.

3. N: How is your relationship with the local church you attend to, Gateway Church?

C: It’s a relly big church, massive, it has over 40 thousand people in her 5 different campuses in Dallas and Fort Worth.

From day one in church 15 years ago, our senior pastor, Robert Morris, always wanted a place you could feel at home. Even though it turned out to be a Megachurch, which it had, it should never lose the atmosphere of «small Church».

Gateway Church
Gateway Church

The temple was built very close to the altar so, even if there were many people, it always felt like a sweet home where we were all family and that’s exactly how it is.

The atmosphere, for me, It’s the closest glimpse to Heaven on Earth, where we’re all focused on Christ, we all worship Him and, out of love for who He is, we bless His people and we work on building better children for Him.

Church’s vision is amazing.

Pastor Robert Morris
Pastor Robert Morris

The word God’s given to our pastor is fueled by an anointing to teach I hadn’t seen before.

Sometimes, I struggle with lack of attention. I have a hard time focusing, but he has such anointing that when he preaches, I can remember it forever.

Every single message He’s preached I have in my heart and they come out at the proper time; it only happens because of God’s anointing.

— Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, I want to go too.

4. N: How did you get to this Church?

C: God prepared everything.

We had contact with some pastors there and became good friends. We lived in Orlando.

One day the Lord unexpectantly told us «stand up and move to Dallas».


We were shocked.

We didn’t know anybody there, only three friends. Nevertheless, we obeyed immediately.

Something we asked the Lord when He took us from Puerto Rico to Orlando was: «Lord, if you want us in another place, allow us to have our Church even before we have our home. Let us be part of a christian family so we don’t have to get there trying to find out where our right place is. You place us».

That’s exactly how it was. We were members of the Church before we actually moved to Texas and it represented the answer to a prayer we had in our hearts for a very long time.

5. N: Christine, you translate songs from English to Spanish and you’re great at it. How is that process for you?

C: I’ve tried to let go a bit the term translating songs because when you take a song from one language to another what you really do is an adaptation of it to a differente language and culture.

I think the Lord has given me the priviledge to have the skills I need so I can do a good job.

I’m a songwritter, I’m bilingual since my first word and I’ve always had a great passion for communicating according to the heart of what I’m trying to say; if I’m translating or adapting a song, I use all my language skills so the original message the songwritter intended, the heart of the song, can be translated in the most reliable way possible to the new audience.

This is a great passion I have. Actually, the Lord has kept me doing it for more time I had expected. I think It’s part of our ministry now and, more than anything, an excuse to build bridges where you could not see them otherwise.

This is how american people in United States and venezuelans can be united in one song.  It’s an excuse for all to get together as the body of Christ and make the global church sing the very same thing, to the very same God and at the same time, so we accelerate the revival in our generation.

6. N: As a public figure, how do you handle social media? Do you feel tempted to be connected all day?

C: Yes, it is a temptation, specially when you have the priviledge to have so loving followers.

Sometimes, I just need an emotional fuel because I feel tired, my strenght is goind down, traveling, ministry had worn me out; so a comment from someone on Facebook or Twitter gives new energy to my heart so I can keep going forward, because I realize, as the word of God says, the work we do for Him is not in vain. We’re reaching people even if we don’t see it. It helps me keep going.

I feel like they’re saying: «keep going, you’re a blessing for us, God’s using you». It fills me with a very profound sense of humilty because I recognize I’m undeserving of all that influence the Lord has given me, but I’m full of joy because my obedience is bearing its fruit and the Lord is blessing His people through what I do. 

That’s the most important thing for me.

— And what a blessing you are, Christine!

Christine y yoI’m so thankful God gave me the opportunity of interviewing this child of His that has blessed so much the body of Christ.

Hope to see you soon, Christine! Here in Venezuela or in Gateway Church, we’ll see 😉 

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