«I tried until I almost died» by Sandra McCollom

I tried until I almost died«I tried until I almost died» by Sandra McCollom*


Pages: 208
Publication date: 2015
Genre: Christian, Self-Help
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This book is about grace.
The author, Sandra McCollom, describes her journey from addiction to performance to rest in Jesus’ finished work on the cross.
She shares how life could look like if we embrace the unconditional love God offers to us.


The title of this book got my attention right away.

I’ve struggled a lot with perfectionism in my own life to have an idea what this was all about.

Here’s what I liked the most about Sandra McCollom: her openness. That was something really special for me. You can see her mind-set in this book: «If there’s something in my life I can share for helping people know God’s mercy, I’ll do it».

She actually allows you to get in her house, in her marriage, in her entire life to let you know that God’s grace changed her forever and it can do the same for you.

So, maybe If I were a person that has never heard or read this kind of teaching before, it would have been completely impacting; but, really, for me, it was more like a reminder of God’s love and grace and goodness, which I think we all need on regular basis.

Here’s something I think it’s important: God has His way with each soul (as C.S. Lewis would say). I mention this because this book is a lot about Sandra’s journey with God and how He set her free from her perfectionism bondage. Then, she describes in detail how things could be for you if you embrace God’s grace, but it doesn’t mean that it will happen to you the same way as it was for her or that you will experience the same changes immediately just because it worked that way in her life.

I could also say I felt a bit overwhelmed at times because there were chapters in the book packed with too much content. Lots of stories and ideas. Good stories and good ideas and thoughts but a lot of information to digest all at once.

Nevertheless, you cannot doubt this woman of God is passionate about what she’s writing. You can almost see her excitement in each page. She was truly set free and I hope she keeps sharing with that passion and boldness the truth God began to show her that January 2.

This amazing grace is what our christian life is all about.

* I received this book from Blogging for Books and NetGalley in exchange for this honest review.


– «We want to love God but we don’t allow Him to love us».

– «Somewhere along the line, I made my healing my responsabily rather than my response to His ability». Quote by Callie, one of Sandra’s friends.

– «Connect your weak faith with God’s strength for your situation». 

About Sandra McCollom

10514764_821561524551515_6447922087999299719_nSandra McCollom has a passion to see others enter into the life of rest that Jesus offers. She lives in the St. Louis area with Steve, her husband of more than twenty years, and their twin daughters. Sandra thoroughly enjoys spending time with her family as well as reading, writing, CrossFit training, and homeschooling her girls. 

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