«An Elegant Façade» by Kristi Ann Hunter

«An Elegant Façade» (Hawthorne House, #2) by Kristi Ann Hunter Pages: 368 Published: July 5th 2016 by Bethany House Genre: Christian fiction, romance, historical fiction Find this review on Amazon | Goodreads   MY SYNOPSIS Lady Georgina will do anything to achieve her goal this Season: to marry a nobleman that can keep her safeSigue leyendo ««An Elegant Façade» by Kristi Ann Hunter»

«Lord Willing?» by Jessica Kelley

«Lord Willing?« by Jessica Kelley Pages: 256 Genre: non-fiction, Christian Expected publication: April 26th 2016 Find this review on Amazon | Goodreads   MY SYNOPSIS Jessica Kelley has wrestled with lots of questions about God’s role in suffering. She found answers that helped her go through the terrible nightmare that began when her firstborn wasSigue leyendo ««Lord Willing?» by Jessica Kelley»

To my younger self

Think about your life for a minute. Isn’t it true that no matter how great things are right now, there are always two or three things you wish could have been different? If possible, you would happily travel to the past and give some advice to your younger self or, perhaps, you would do somethingSigue leyendo «To my younger self»

Un acto de amor

¿Sabes qué impacta la vida de una persona? Un maltrato. Personas quedan destrozadas simplemente porque alguien escoge lo más egoísta, se niega a tomar en cuenta los sentimientos y hace lo que quiere. Quizás con el tiempo no recuerdas exactamente el hecho o las palabras, pero sí el sufrimiento. Ahora bien, lo opuesto también esSigue leyendo «Un acto de amor»

Can I have this dance?

Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog!  Basically, I have this space for sharing those things that have helped me in my walk with God in hopes that He’d use them to do the same in your life.  The blog’s title “Mi baile perfecto” (My perfect dance) comes from a song that’s become verySigue leyendo «Can I have this dance?»