Monsters Inc., un momento

Hace dos semanas, vi (finalmente) la película “Monsters University”, precuela de la famosa “Monsters Inc.”, de Disney, donde los protagonistas son monstruos encargados de asustar niños en nuestro mundo a fin de generar energía necesaria para sus ciudades. Nada cliché. En la primera entrega, conocimos a James Sullivan (Sulley), un famoso asustador, y a Michael Wazowski (Mike), suSigue leyendo «Monsters Inc., un momento»

Book lessons: The Prayer Box

I just finished reading ‘The Prayer Box’ by Lisa Wingate. Great book that I highly recommend. It took me a while to be drawn into the story but once I got there, I couldn’t stop. The plot is mainly about a young mother, Tandi, who’s living in a rental cottage with her two children. TheSigue leyendo «Book lessons: The Prayer Box»

Book lessons: The Screwtape Letters

Is there anyone who feels like God has abandoned you? Maybe you’ve been faithful to God, you’ve been doing the right thing even though everything is getting harder and harder each passing day. You are trusting Him but nothing changes. “It’s been so long like this”, you think. “I’ve faced the same battle so manySigue leyendo «Book lessons: The Screwtape Letters»