Stay strong, really?

Few things this world we both live in can’t stand: weakness, failure, mistakes, imperfections. You’ve probably learned that by experience. The sad thing is: we face them all, all the time. That’s why I have a problem when people want me to “stay strong”. What is that suppose to mean? It might not be the intentionSigue leyendo «Stay strong, really?»

He knows how to understand me

One of the things that amazes me most about God is the fact that He created us differently on purpose. The Lord designed us with some specifics that make us one of a kind because He is pleased in doing so. He likes it. Here you have some examples of this: In the book “ChasingSigue leyendo «He knows how to understand me»

Mi lámpara se apaga

Hace algunos días atravesé lo que probablemente podría llamar una etapa seca en mi relación con Dios. Básicamente, no oraba con pasión ni tenía ganas de ir a la iglesia o de pasar tiempo a solas con el Señor. Hacía igual esas cosas pero como en piloto automático. Realmente mi corazón no estaba del todoSigue leyendo «Mi lámpara se apaga»