Interview with Sean McDowell

I really have no reasons to complain in life. God has given me the desire of my heart more times I can remember. This interview you’re about to read is an example of that. Some weeks ago, I could talk via Skype with Sean McDowell, whose last name might be familiar to you because of his dadSigue leyendo «Interview with Sean McDowell»

Interview with Susan May Warren

Earlier this year, I had the God-given opportunity of interviewing one of my favorite authors in the world: Susan May Warren. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I’ve posted a lot about her work in this blog the last two years. Among other masterpieces, she also wrote the amazing Christiansen Family Series, which I love withSigue leyendo «Interview with Susan May Warren»

Interview with Barnabas Piper

I had the amazing, incredible, unforgettable opportunity to interview author and speaker Barnabas Piper. Two years ago, I read his book “Help My Unbelief”, and it caused a HUGE impression in me, because, as I’ve mentioned countless of times, I struggled a lot with doubts when I began my walk with God at the ageSigue leyendo «Interview with Barnabas Piper»

Interview with Jesús Adrián Romero

*I can’t believe I’m actually writing this post* I had the opportunity to interview Jesús Adrián Romero (JAR), which seemed impossible to happen because 1) He’s in another country 2) He travels a lot 3) He’s very, very busy, and 4) Hundreds of people write to him daily. However, here we are! 😀 He tookSigue leyendo «Interview with Jesús Adrián Romero»

Interview with J. Warner Wallace

Hello! Welcome to this interview! I had the great priviledge to talk to James Warnes Wallace via Skype. I developed this not so secret admiration for him because his ministry is basically about helping us as christians to be better case makers for our faith. He wants to give us the right tools to investigateSigue leyendo «Interview with J. Warner Wallace»

Interview with Christine D’Clario

Last week I had the priviledge of interviewing the famous whorshipper Christine D’Clario during her soundcheck for the evangelistic event «Primicias 2015» at Maracaibo, Venezuela. Both she and her husband, Carlos Caban, were very nice to me! Just for a moment I forgot they belonged to an international ministry because they treated me as a friend.Sigue leyendo «Interview with Christine D’Clario»

Author interview: Shantelle Mary Hannu

Well! What a nice thing you decide to stop by.  Hope you have a good time while we discover a new author. What will you see on this post?  1) An interview with Shantelle Mary Hannu (the new author) 2) A description of Shantelle’s first book «A Dream Not Imagined« 3) The link to Shantelle’s complete blog tour schedule andSigue leyendo «Author interview: Shantelle Mary Hannu»