Falling Like Snowflakes by Denise Hunter

«Falling Like Snowflakes» by Denise Hunter Pages: 352 Genre: romance, holiday, christmas, christian fiction Find this review on Amazon | Goodreads MY SYNOPSIS Eden is runing away with his son. Hiding. Some mean people want them both dead immediately. They know too much. A breakdown leaves her stuck in Summer Harbor where she meets Beau Callahan, an habitualSigue leyendo «Falling Like Snowflakes by Denise Hunter»

Book lessons: Just waiting, bro

Waiting… It’s more difficult for some than for others. If you’re anything like me, you’re not content with just sitting in one corner until things begin to happen. You want to make them happen. Is that a good or a bad thing? Sometimes I’m not so sure but I can tell you: this has causedSigue leyendo «Book lessons: Just waiting, bro»

«Married ‘til Monday» by Denise Hunter

«Married ‘til Monday» by Denise Hunter Pages: 320 Publication date: 2015 Genre: Christian, Fiction, Contemporary Find this review on Amazon | Goodreads MY SYNOPSIS Ryan and Abby got divorced 3 and a half years ago in not very friendly terms. Now they’ve been invited to the 35th-anniversary party of Abby’s parents, who don’t know they’re not marriedSigue leyendo ««Married ‘til Monday» by Denise Hunter»