Academy Awards Predictions 2017 by K.O.

Helloooooooo!! I’m SO happy about this post that I can hardly stand it! Believe me! I’ve been expecting it since the last Academy Awards … for real. My dear friend, the super-talented Karlos Otero, has made his predictions for The Oscars 2017, and I CAN’T wait to show them to you. As you probably know,Sigue leyendo «Academy Awards Predictions 2017 by K.O.»

Academy Award Predictions by K.O.

Hi guys! You must be aware that the Academy Awards are right around the corner and my super talented friend, Karlos Otero, is the best of the best regarding this topic, so… I asked him this huge favor to share with us his predictions for this year in the 4 most important categories so weSigue leyendo «Academy Award Predictions by K.O.»