What options do I really have?

I like reading. I do.

I love words and somehow I believe God made me to find Him in them.

I enjoy books. Good quotes. Perfectly worded stories.

About two years ago I joined Goodreads and I began to receive recommendations from other readers. It was fantastic. A small paradise.

However, in my country, you don’t see most of the books they mention. Only few of them get translated into Spanish, and an even smaller group finally find their way to this side of the world.

Besides that, we have very limited access to dollar currency, so Amazon is not really for me unless we’re talking about free books.

So, “what options do I really have?”, I thought.

1) Not reading

2) Downloading e-books in Internet (without paying for them)

I know, it’s terrible. It’s a crime. It’s stealing from authors and editors and publishers. But «there is nothing else I can do», I kept telling myself.

Downloading books (ilegally) is very common. You find easy ways to do it everywhere.

Problem is that I’m not only a reader. I’m a christian reader. You saw that word? Christian.

It means that at some point in my life I said to Christ to come into MY heart and do in there…wait for it… WHATEVER He wanted to do.

I’m not my own. I gave Him the authority to rule my life.

So, one day as I was reading a book online in a website that did not own the rights for it, I realized I was not enjoying any of it. The book was good but I didn’t have any peace about it.

I knew in my heart it was wrong and not fair for the author, for the book, for the words I said I love.

I stopped and prayed: “God, I don’t have the money in the currency they need and this book is not sold here. There is no way for me to read it if I don’t do it this way”.

At that moment I felt God speaking in my heart and saying:

I will provide books for you

And for some reason, I immediately believed (which is not always the case, I admit).

A couple of days later, I learned some websites lend you books (legally) and others give you advance reader copys in exchange for honest reviews.

There are so many options I didn’t know about, but God did.

If it happens I want a book and I can’t find it, I don’t read it. Period.

Maybe there will be a time I would be able to buy, but until that moment comes, I won’t try to get it by any other means.

Fortunately, right now I have so many books to read that I don’t think I’ll finish this year.

God’s kept His promise for me to see two things:

1) Authors and their hard work need respect.

2) God is way above currency problems and book availability

He’s been faithful to me and I know He’ll be the same with you whatever your need is, even if it does not include books, and even if it does.

Publicado por Natacha R. Glorvigen

Cristiana. Publicista. Bloguera. Dios me ha cambiado la vida y vivo para contarles a otros que Él puede hacer lo mismo por cualquiera.

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