Out of brokenness

Songs. Books. Movies. Messages. Paintings.

There are some of them that touch us deeply. We rejoice in them and think: “this is so good”.

Little do we know the price people of God had to pay to give birth to some of the masterpieces the Lord uses to draw us near to Him.

It is awesome to look at the worshippers’ face, their anointing and peace and strength while singing; they seem unshakeable but just because we couldn’t see their tears while asking hows and whys to God in the midnight hour.

I could understand this some weeks ago while watching an interview with Jonathan and Melissa Helser. They shared that people often tell them they want to write songs like them; and Jonathan said: no, they don’t.

Some of the most successful songs they’ve written have come from very painful places, he admits. It’s not as easy as we would imagine.

It’s true that songs and pieces of work are very often the outcome of times when we’ve felt weak and needy and so overwhelmed that God is our only hope; however, the process to find the end of our rope is not pleasant at all.

I do believe most of the best books and stories and albums are the result of some brokenness, in which we had the opportunity to see with our own eyes the beauty of the Lord coming to rescue us.

It is us in the Valley of Shadow and Fear where we could learn: God’s faithful in the darkest, we’ve been there and He never left us alone.

Good thing is that no matter how hard everything has been, if we allow Him to help us in our weakness, He can and He will use our pain to create masterpieces others will rejoice in.

Are you broken right now? Let me tell you, this season you’re in might become the best book, post or song ever. Just wait and see. The Lord knows how to transform brokeness into hope. Actually, I think He loves doing so.

Publicado por Natacha R. Glorvigen

Cristiana. Publicista. Bloguera. Dios me ha cambiado la vida y vivo para contarles a otros que Él puede hacer lo mismo por cualquiera.

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