Happy birthday, Mi Baile Perfecto

On this day, a year ago, “Mi Baile Perfecto” (My Perfect Dance) was born.

It was the result of a conversation with my dear friend, Macsy

“Why don’t you create a blog”, she asked me.

“It could be”, I answered since I did not find a good reason for not creating it.

I gave it some thought and I decided to give it a try on january 5th, 2015.

Nevertheless, when I published my first post and I said to the world (my little world) what I was doing, I had a small panic attack.

“What did I get myself into?”, I thought.

I got scared.

I knew I could write one or two things on a website… but keeping a blog was beyond that. “It requires dedication and consistency.”, I figured, “You need something relevant to say each week”. I felt so much pressure!

I hadn’t told anyone about it but my worry was there, heavy on my heart.

So, I made the decision to deal with it. I got in my room, I closed my eyes and  I said to God:

“Lord, what if I don’t know what to say? What if I run out of ideas? What if I don’t come out with anything good?”

Whenever I pray like that, I usually don’t recieve anwers immediately. Most of the time, God only calms my soul and fills me with His peace. I get the answer later.

However, in that opportunity, I felt God speaking in my heart like this:

“If you have nothing else to say, it will mean I’m done with you in that place and I’ll do something else with you”

I smile with that memory.

It set my heart at peace just to know that God would fill my posts with words to bless others; if that didn’t happen, it’d mean God accomplished His purpose and we’d be headed to somewhere else.

The same is true for you wherever the Lord has placed you right now.

Life is in seasons and our Heavenly Father walks with us through them all.

Mi Baile Perfecto” and “Dancing Words” are my season now; I hope that as long as the Lord keeps me here, you enjoy sharing it with me.

Publicado por Natacha R. Glorvigen

Cristiana. Publicista. Bloguera. Dios me ha cambiado la vida y vivo para contarles a otros que Él puede hacer lo mismo por cualquiera.

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