Stay strong, really?

Few things this world we both live in can’t stand: weakness, failure, mistakes, imperfections.

You’ve probably learned that by experience.

The sad thing is: we face them all, all the time.

That’s why I have a problem when people want me to “stay strong”.

What is that suppose to mean?

It might not be the intention in first place, but somehow that has become a way of saying:

+ You can handle this

+ You can control it

+ The power to overcome this is in you. Just unleash it

+ Don’t break down

Is that real for someone? Is that even possible? Like the ability of bearing with all things is within you, when we know It is not.

It looks like, in the midst of hard situations, you can’t give yourself the permission for telling the truth: you feel helpless, you can’t take it anymore, you are afraid, you don’t know what to do. You need help.

You are not strong. You don’t want to stay strong. You feel weak and crying is all you want to do.

You secretly hope someone could do something about it; and, let me tell you, Someone can. God can. He is perfectly able to help us in our mess.

God wants us to realize that we can’t, so we see with our own eyes He can. He alone.

“Staying strong” is cool, until you’re not able to do it, until you have no energy for it.

I don’t have to be strong. He is strong and I’m strong in Him.

I need God. I need Jesus to help me.

I need to pray and to trust Him because I can’t solve things on my own; and, really, I even need God to help me pray and trust.

He makes brave. He makes believe. He makes me hope.

He takes me all the way through hard moments when all I have to offer is my trembling heart.

Me trying to figure everything out and work it all together is just a way to ruin my life, because I’ve learned I can’t.

Jesus knows this, that’s why He say’s:

Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens,

and I will give you rest

Matthew 11:28

Stay StrongAre you weary?

Are you carrying heavy burdens?

Can’t you stay strong another day?

Come to Jesus. He is strength. He will give you rest.

Publicado por Natacha R. Glorvigen

Cristiana. Publicista. Bloguera. Dios me ha cambiado la vida y vivo para contarles a otros que Él puede hacer lo mismo por cualquiera.

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