I am second: Pete Briscoe

You’re probably familiar with the I am second movement that takes real people, real christians to share their struggles and how God used difficult circumstances to brought them before Him.

I specially love Pete Bricoe’s video where he talks about his relentless pursuit of success because that determined his worth and value.

I don’t know about you but first time I saw it I felt so identified with him and cried a lot because I understood my own exhaustion for trying to be the best in order to mean something in life. Only God’s love makes understand we’re in Him all what we need to be.

Hope this blesses you all!

Publicado por Natacha R. Glorvigen

Cristiana. Publicista. Bloguera. Dios me ha cambiado la vida y vivo para contarles a otros que Él puede hacer lo mismo por cualquiera.

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