Book Lessons: It Had To Be You (Christiansen Family #2)


I want to share with you a valuable lesson I re-learned from ‘It had to be you’, an amazing book by Susan May Warren (lent it to me at – click here to know more about reading online).

It had to be you

‘It had to be you’ is the second book in the The Christiansen Family 6-Book Series, which I highly recommend. I already read the first one (Take a chance on me) and have two more to go, but no doubt they are amazing as well.

This second book is the lovestory of Eden Christiansen, second among 6 siblings, and Jace Jacobsen, famous hockey player.

Each of them have their own struggles and througout the chapters they learn to overcome some of them with each other’s help, support and God’s truth. 

But here’s the most relevant lesson I received while reading:

As you’ll discover if you read the book, Eden has this huge dream of becoming a great, well-known reporter; but she’s just stuck writing obits at the Minneapolis Star Tribune and taking care of his younger brother, Owen, rising hockey star.

This reality makes her completely sick and I can’t but wonder how many times we’ve felt the same way about our current circumstances: frustrated, stuck, because we have this thing in us that wants to do BIG in life, to let the world know our name and nothing happens. 

But then, in one occasion, Eden has this conversation with her Editor that reminded this amazing truth, take a look:

– Eden: I don’t want to write about the deceased the rest of my life.

– Charlotte: You don’t have to. But you are writing obits now.

I read it and my heart skipped a beat.

Eden didn’t like that statement, of course, but I thought it’s so true! I mean, you’re so desperately to be in the next place (the great place) that you forget what you’re supposed to do now.

There is something you must accomplish or learn at this particular moment in your life and you’d probably miss it longing for a reality that is yet to come.

I’m not sure if you agree with me in this, but I believe there is blessing in embracing the place you are right now, taking the best out of it until you have the chance to do something else you want if it is God’s willing.

Probably, the Lord has you there for getting you ready, but you’re so sick with preparation time that you struggle to reach a place you’re not fully qualified to get.

The fact is: waiting time is good for us.

In  the process, we could discover, as Eden Christiansen did, that no matter what we thought, that’s the place where we belong after all but couldn’t see it, or maybe not. Perhaps that was just a stop we had to make in the journey.

I’m not saying you’ll be there forever, but while that’s your present situation, writing obits and waiting for a chance to be a great repoter, embrace your current place and make the best out of it.

God knows our dreams. Let’s trust Him and be faithful where we are now.

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