Reading online

I like reading just as a lot of you do.

I’m not the kind who reads anything, I have very specific genders and authors I like, therefore, sometimes it’s hard for me to get the books I want (most of them are not even sold in this country).

So, I found certain ways to read (legally) books online and thought it’d be awesome to share it with you. Here we go:


I love this page. I mean, it’d be almost impossible for me to read anything without this place. 

They lend you the book for two weeks (you can return it earlier if you want to or ask it for two weeks more).

So, you register, find the book you want to read and ask for it, maybe you have to join a waiting list if it was already taken but you can read another meanwhile.

The slogan of this website is: «One page for every book». Right now, they don’t have every book, but they have lots and lots of titles of almost every author and (better yet) they’re growing fast!

They also have books available for print disabled.

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This is actually a community for amazon users who lend books to each other.

You register, ask for the book you want and then, well, wait. 

Sooner or later, a very nice person who owns the book in his Kindle will lend it to you.

If you have an US amazon account, you can be that nice person. But if you don’t, you are not able to lend even if you have the book and recieve the request (very sadly I must say).

The website works directly with your amazon account and you must have at least one book in your Kindle to use it.

This place really work. People have lent me lots of books there. also sends you emails daily with freebies available on

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This works the same as (with daily emails and all). The more titles you have in your Kindle, the more requests you can make.

Imagen 2

4. David C. Cook Ebooks –

They freely give two or three christian books weekly (good ones btw). 

They also offer amazing discounts.

Imagen 3

So, there you have it. That’s all I know about this subject.

Hope this help you somehow.

Do you know another website for lending or reading online legally?

Please, let me know!

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